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Radiator Sales and Service in Tampa, FL

When your car overheats in Tampa, FL, bring it to the professionals at Central Radiator and Auto Air to repair or replace your radiator, hoses and the damage caused by constant overheating. Our mechanics are ASE certified mechanics through and through. You can trust the diagnosis, you can trust the repair and you can trust the parts. Our goal is to continue to serve our community honestly and give our best to every customer.

We understand how radiator problems happen out of the blue. You’re driving along and the next thing you know you’re on the side of the road. You can always have your car towed to our shop on North Nebraska Ave. If you don’t come in with your vehicle, we will call and give you an estimate for repair. Otherwise, we will bill you for the tow.

Radiator Sales

Steam From Car Radiator — Radiator in Tampa, FL
Don’t order your radiator from a random website sourced from foreign suppliers. Central Radiator and Auto Air is locally available to guarantee the quality of our products and our service. You won’t find that anywhere online. We carry the best new and aftermarket brands on standard radiators for most makes and models of cars and trucks. We have the know-how to match the radiator for your newer cars and for your classic cars back to the 1950’s. Choose between aluminum, copper and brass radiators or cross-flow and down-flow types for the perfect cooling efficiency recommended for your car or truck.

Radiator Service

Detached Car Radiator — Radiator in Tampa, FL
The best way to stay ahead of radiator system repairs is radiator system maintenance. The point of our radiator system maintenance is to be comprehensive by minimize damage to cooling system parts and to gauge the effectiveness of those parts.

The most common service is the radiator flush. We’d like to think of this as more than just a flush and fill. It’s intentionally the last thing we do so we can check the many causes and effects of radiator issues. This includes checking air flow, belts, and fluid levels first. Then we check for efficacy of the radiator fan, fan belts, thermostats, water pump and gaskets.

Custom Radiator Modifications

Custom engines need custom radiators. Engine over-boring can lead to your radiator not meeting the needs of your custom engine. If you own a performance vehicle or you have modified your classic vehicle to reflect advances in engineering, Central Radiator and Auto Air is your partner for continuing those advances to your radiator. Come see us when you need a modified radiator or you need a larger radiator for your performance vehicles, we can also expand your vehicles’ core support to fit. We do all modifications and re-coring on site.
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