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Radiator & Auto AC Repair in Tampa, Florida

The air-conditioning system in your car is more than a mere convenience and anyone who has experienced a system failure knows how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be. Open since 1974, Central Radiator and Auto Air in Tampa, Florida, provides radiator repair and auto AC repair on the same day with no appointment necessary for your comfort and convenience.

We offer a variety of maintenance services designed to address your unique needs and at rates among the most competitive in the industry. Through regularly scheduled system inspections and maintenance procedures, we keep your system working efficiently and diagnose minor problems before they become major ones. Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about our services and procedures.


Central Radiator and Auto Air offers the best auto cooling system repair service to get you back in your comfort zone quickly and affordably. Visit us for experienced service, repair, and installation on your radiator.

AC System Specialists

Our technicians help you avoid unexpected and costly system failures with free cooling system inspections. We test for the presence of contaminants and sealants, recover existing refrigerant, evaluate the AC system, and check for leaks, belt tension, and full operation.


• AC System Checks
• Compressors Inspection & Installation
• Custom-Made Lines & Hoses
• Hose Repair
• Computerized Diagnosis
• Freon & Coolant Recycling
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8615 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa FL 33604, USA
Phone: (813) 935-4825