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FAQs in Tampa, Florida


Q: Do you work on all radiators?

A: Yes, we fix radiators on all cars, trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, antiques, and even motorcycles

Q: Was that price for a used/rebuilt radiator?

A: We install a new radiator in two to four hours for most jobs. It is best to call ahead.

Q: Do you offer a senior or military discount?

A: We are wholesale to everyone.

Q: Do you offer towing to your shop?

A: Yes, we add the charge to your invoice. You do not need to come in with your car. We will check out the car and call with an estimate on repair.

Q: Was that price for a used/rebuilt radiator?

A: Our radiators are brand-new in the box. Often times we can sell for half of what the "big box" parts stores want to charge. We buy them by the semi-trailer load to sell wholesale.

Q: Do you need the old radiator for a core charge?

A: No we do not. It is best to drive or bring in the old radiator to match up with the new one when you can. We do not buy the old one, but you may leave it here if you wish and we will recycle the metal.

Q: Can I leave the vehicle after hours?

A: Yes, we will tell you how when you call.

Q: Do you offer a lifetime warranty?

A: Parts aren't made to last a lifetime. Most of the competitors that offered a lifetime warranty are now closed and gone. Do not pay more for a sale gimmick that few ever really receive.
The lifetime warranty will be void if you do not flush out the cooling system every year and show proof of doing so. Competitors say NO RECEIPT—NO WARRANTY! We most often hear from competitors' angry ex-customers whose stuck thermostat or over-pressurized and damaged radiator is the excuse used to decline a lifetime warranty.

Our shop provides a 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty for new radiators. Even 11-month-old radiators without a receipt from customers have been honored. If you lost the receipt for an Internet radiator call center based in another time zone, you would have trouble getting your warranty claim accepted.

We only buy the best quality products, which gives us a failure rate of less than 1% on the hundreds of radiators sold each month! With a great reputation built at the same location for more than 35 years, rest assured you can find us when you have a warranty claim.
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